Weavers are a community of people who have cared for a loved one, we use our know-how to walk beside others to help them regain a sense of control in their caring situation.

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The Weavers Story

We know caring can be hard. Weavers provides support to people caring for a loved one, like a husband who’s had a stroke, a wife with MS or parent with Parkinson’s.

Everyone’s caring journey is different. Weavers walk beside you to help you regain a sense of control. Weavers are people who’ve cared for a loved one. They’ve been there, they get it. They catch-up with people one-to-one and provide support unique to their situation.

We believe sharing knowledge can make it easier for others…
“It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. You can feel on your own – like no one understands. I don’t think people can really understand what it’s like unless they have been in a caring role. Talking to Weavers has given me a fresh perspective, I’ve started to focus on what I can do, rather than on what I can’t do” – Margaret

What We Do

Weavers works with people wherever they’re at, at all stages of the caring journey. Everyone’s caring journey is different so we believe it’s important that people choose to work on what’s most important to them. These are some of the things that Weavers can help with:


Our Story

The idea emerged from working with over 100 people and their families in Unley and Salisbury, South Australia. People in caring situations who were doing well were able to navigate and negotiate services, connect with family and friends, sustain things for themselves and find ways to deal with the emotional challenges. Weavers was designed to help tackle the hard things about caring.

Following a highly successful prototyping phase, The National Health and Medical Research Council, Helping Hand and Southern Cross Care have provided funding and support for the project to be rolled out in South Australia. Weavers is run by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI)

Get Involved

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